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Mild timber bleach and mould killer.

: Generally used after Jac Jay Timber Revitaliser to restore light timber colour prior to coating. Can be used on its own to kill mould and to lighten mildly sun faded/silvered timber. Jac Jay Oxalic Acid may kill vegetation. We recommend thoroughly saturating grass and vegetation with water before commencement of cleaning process. Mixing: 100 grams per litre of luke warm water.

Application: Prior to starting, check for colourfastness and reactions by testing product on surrounding surfaces that it may come in contact with (e.g. paint work, aluminium, tiles, etc.) in the area that the cleaning is taking place. Apply by large brush to damp timber, apply wet on wet to the timber surface. Leave on timber surface for 10-20 minutes before washing off with clean water. Allow timber to dry before coating. (click here for application guide)

Available Sizes: 500g (makes 5 litres)
Application Temperature Practical coverage
in m2/litre
Dilution % Application
Drying time
Do not apply in direct sunlight. 5-10m2 depending on
weathering and roughness.
100g per litre
of warm water.
4days at 20/65% relative
humidity (substrate must be
completely dry before coating)
Clean up

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