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High solvent degreaser used for the strip wiping of surfaces to be coated and to assist with the removal of natural resins, contaminants and residue.

: Sikkens Oplosser Degreaser is used for the strip wiping of surfaces to be coated to assist with the reduction of natural resins, contaminants and residue found on the surface of most timbers, especially macrocarpa, teak, kwila, iroko, totara, matai etc.

Application: Always use a lint free cloth when strip wiping timber with Sikkens Oplosser Degreaser. Wipe surface of timber using a cloth dampened with Sikkens Oplosser Degreaser. Ensure that the cloth is not over saturated with Sikkens Oplosser Degreaser. Vigorously rub the timber surface 4-5 times in one area and leave for 15 minutes to let Sikkens Oplosser Degreaser evaporate completely before coating. For oily/resinous timbers wipe with Sikkens Oplosser Degreaser 2-3 times at intervals of 15 minutes, the timber must be coated the same day to ensure natural resins/oils do not come back to the surface before coating has taken (click here for application guide)

Available Sizes: 500ml, 5L

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